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 As a highly sensitive empath, I continue to navigate the waters of my own healing and uncovering of the intuitive gifts brought in from many incarnations.

Through the process of past life trauma release and integration, psychic mediumship, ancestral journeywork, chakra clearing and hundreds of hours of energy healing practitioner training, I have stepped into the role as an intuitive channel to share light with others.

I am honored to guide you through the same process of self discovery.

In childhood, physical manifestations of fear around death, sexual trauma and psychic attacks resulted in multiple painful autoimmune diagnoses. Eventually, panic attacks and dissociation from my body became the catalyst for a restructuring of my outer and inner reality.

After years of trying multiple conventional and alternative healing therapies with minimal results and living a life that didn't feel in alignment, I longed to delve deeper into my purpose and set off on the path of spiritual seeker. Healing came as I rediscovered my connection to source. I found myself in the presence of Sri Amritanandamayi Devi (Amma) and my heart experienced divine love like I had never known.  My journey has led me to training as an energy healer, psychic medium and angel guide.  While meditating on Mount Shasta, the root chakra of the earth, I experienced the Diamond Ray Activation, and it is through this high vibrational light that I call on your eternal presence to illuminate the remembrance of your own healing.